LIGHTNING RELEASES 04/21/14 — Place “death from energy drink” in Google; 132 million results appear. Click on number 10…the stories are still fresh, current and different. Energy drinks, like smoking, remain in demand, and remain a major health concern.

Just a PINCH. Now, for the first time, a student can take an energy product with complete control of the alert, finish studying for an exam and like a light switch, close the books and go to sleep.

Liv International (Utah) has just released Wink Zing, energy powder. Wink-Zing is a new product just introduced to the U. S. market, which removes much of the fears ascribed to existing energy drinks. Wink Zing is said to be so effective that a simple “Pinch” of powder will effectively provide a gentle and safe alert lasting 20 to 30 minutes, without the common side effects of high dosages of caffeine or other chemicals. Wink-Zing is packaged as a small canister of fine energy powder carried in a purse or pocket.

Liv International Wink Zing spokesperson, Drew Earl says “Wink-Zing is far safer and yet more effective than the plethora of energy drinks that are currently available. Wink Zing is also for the person who is fearful of the current products on the store shelves. With this product, you consume about one tenth the amount of substance and get a safe, more controllable effect.”

The company states that the product is an exclusive herbal blend of natural ingredients that have been ingested by humans for thousands of years, and are actually healthy for the human body.

Liv International* states that the benefits of this new product are three fold. First, it is far safer to use than energy drinks containing large quantities of stimulants. (Some energy drinks have been banned in USA jurisdictions and even some countries.) Secondly, they are far less expensive and much more convenient to use. (Approximately .25 cents per serving) And third, the “alert” or effect of a pinch of Wink Zing powder generally lasts only 20 to 30 minutes and not for hours. This controllable alert means it can be used to finish a movie or studies in the evening and not interfere with sound sleep.

Mr. Earl explains; “…a single energy drink may contain the stimulant equivalent of two to four cups of coffee. The effects can last from five to ten hours, often followed by nervousness, or a pronounced ‘crash’ as it wears off. “This is not the case with Wink Zing,” claims Mr. Earl; “…with Wink-Zing the effect is reported to be less than one hour with no buzz or crash; if more is wanted it can be safely taken. This product is for everyone…the college student that wishes to study for an hour before bedtime, the executive caught in an endless meeting, the policeman or taxi driver finishing a shift and wants to drive home ‘alert and focused’ and then go to sleep. It is an awesome new and safe way to enjoy controlled energy boost.”

*Liv International is a Utah based manufacturer and direct sales distributor of quality health supplements.

 Wink Zing is currently available on website

Media-Contact individual for Wink Zing is Mr. Drew Earl. For samples, more information, or a live interview with Mr. Earl, contact him directly by calling 801-850-2539 or email Drew at [email protected].



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