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LIGHTING RELEASES 04/21/14 — How do you help someone who desperately needs help with a serious drug and alcohol substance abuse? Put them in touch with a legitimate addiction rehab facility, that’s how!

The Seabrook Alcoholism Treatment Helpline was established for those in Seabrook, TX who had nowhere else to turn in their battle against addition. The helpline can be reached at (281) 417-3068 or by visiting their website at for more information about all the benefits offered by a real recovery center.

Finding the treatment facility which offers the best chance at sobriety is often times one of the hardest aspects of the entire recovery process. The helpline allows addicts a way to find reliable substance abuse recovery help with just a simple phone call or email. Anyone in Seabrook, TX who needs assistance or guidance in finding a treatment center should contact the helpline as soon as possible. It just may be the best phone call you ever make!

About the Seabrook Alcoholism Treatment Helpline:

Those in need of guidance and support in their struggle against substance abuse should call the Seabrook Alcoholism Treatment Helpline at (281) 417-3068 as soon as possible for more information about all the wonderful benefits of placing your trust in a real substance abuse recovery center. You can also send an email to for more information.