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LIGHTNING RELEASES 04/21/14 –The citizens of Kilgore, TX who battle with drug and alcohol addiction are often unsure of where they can go to get real help. Teenagers are even more problematic because they have even less resources at their disposal than an adult.  Thanks to the innovative Kilgore Alcoholism Treatment Helpline however, finding the help and support you need to get sober once and for all has never been easier.

By calling (903) 292-4059 as soon as you can, someone can take the first steps towards living the sober life. The helpline also has a website with more information about how a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility can offer someone hope for recovery. The site can be reached at for anyone who wants to learn more about overcoming addiction once and for all.

Adolescents are often the most challenging to help as any parent will tell you that teenagers are usually stubborn. However, the dedicated addiction treatment specialists at a recovery center can assist anyone as they take steps to better themselves. Call the helpline today and locate the drug and alcohol rehab facility which offers you the best chance at sobriety.

About the Kilgore Alcoholism Treatment Helpline:

Calling (903) 292-4059 or visiting is a great way for someone to get in touch with the recovery specialists who can help anyone get sober. The helpline is a resource for addicts of all ages and everyone is encouraged to call and talk with someone who can help.