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For 35 years from the mid 1960’s to 2002, Nola Hennessy, Founder and CEO of Serenidad Consulting LLC in Texas, lived with PTSD symptoms. In 2002 her life changed completely, as chronicled in her first two international and multi award-winning books “No Boxing Allowed” and “From Pre-Menstrual Syndrome to Positive Mental Attitude”, and also in her upcoming memoir “The Peace Angel”, releasing soon by Brown Books of Dallas. In 2002 Nola successfully and fully healed from her PTSD symptoms and their chronic hold on her life up to that point.

In 2012 during Nola’s US book tour she wrote two key articles in support of US Veterans’ Week and Domestic Violence Week, about PTSD and the fact that the symptoms are not a life sentence. Since that time Nola has been interviewed and quoted by the US Military Media and other global media. What’s concerning her now is the response she hears from veterans who have undergone the prolonged memory recall and other cognitive therapies – the recent 60 Minutes Program ‘The War Within – Treating PTSD’ which highlights the latest in the journey to heal military veterans from PTSD.

“The therapies spoken about in ‘The War Within’ are confronting to sufferers, yes; no doubt about that. But, whilst focusing on helping them face their memories, the therapies are also falling way short of the mark. Just treating the symptoms of PTS and PTSD doesn’t get the sufferer to the root cause(s) in a manner that enables them to face, resolve and heal fully from the adverse emotional and physiological responses to their triggers. Triggers originate from root causes, and the memories associated are buried deep inside the subconscious mind and often times blocked at an emotional level. That is the depth of work that needs to be done. My article on PTS from October two years ago is a window to what I am speaking about.” Nola said.

Currently in Texas to further the foundation stones for Serenidad Consulting LLC, since seeing 60 Minutes screening on May 25, Nola is even more determined to speak loudly about this important subject. “As important as they are, it’s not just about military veterans either,” Nola says. “There are countless folks, going about their everyday lives and living with any range of PTS symptoms that have been caused by something other than military service. Police officers deployed to areas of civil unrest and into war zones, individuals or families in crisis, trauma and assault victims, terrorism victims, refugees, spouses and children of PTSD sufferers; none of them are immune to developing PTS symptoms and/or full blown PTSD themselves if the right (unfortunate) circumstances prevail. You don’t have to go to war to be affected beyond your own threshold of tolerance”, Nola highlights. “They may not even know what the symptoms relate to. They might be living with the symptoms thinking that life has to be that way. Well, it doesn’t. You can live a life without these crippling symptoms.”

Serenidad Consulting LLC will soon be bringing to the USA a range of services – PTS and PTSD, individual and community resilience, and empowerment educational programs, training seminars, retreats and other peace-related programs and services (including consulting to the US Department of Defense, Veterans Groups, Trauma and Crisis Groups, Health organizations and treatment centers, and educational programs for schools and universities across the country).

Globally, Serenidad Consulting consistently reaches and works beyond the boundaries others set. With Nola Hennessy in the lead, Serenidad Consulting’s efforts to grow positive personal power outcomes; help people to live and manage “life” with heightened Self Intelligence; and reinforce peace, calmness and compassion as the vital common denominators going forward. An award finalist and one of Rotary International’s Inspirational Women in 2011, and soon-to-be one of the USA’s FOWM 2014 Women of Impact awards recipients, Nola is completely focused on helping shine the light on the hard subjects, so that serenity and peace can result. “We achieve peace in layers…………from within, through to our communities at work and play” Nola said. “When people are not at peace in themselves they cannot possibly expect to live in peace with others. My books are written, in part, to help others find that inner peace. My companies’ work will help achieve that peace…….” Nola explained.

Through her work and that of her companies, Nola inspires people to realize that ”…..we can make those choices every day – whether to manage our health outcomes as best we can, or give up and stop healing. Whether to fight with people or be friendly. Whether to be the best we can be, or be mediocre. Everyone deserves a life in peace, but it has to start from within.  Facing yourself, and growing beyond fear and baggage, are the first crucial steps to a happy, healthy and emotionally pain-free life”.

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