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LIGHTNING RELEASES 05/26/14 — RIPSHEET series on adolescent brain explains how easy it is to make a young person snap like Elliot Rodger. Better parental care urged for 
each child in danger.

RIPSHEETNEWS.COM released a peer to peer jounalism story today which delves into the danger and little-known stress reactions in a young brain relative to an adult brain.

The videos and articles in this collaborative project demonstrate science and fact, from hundreds of experts worldwide, that proves that a human brain is missing many coping aspects until a much later age.

The story highlghts the fact that care must be maintained in forcing youths into social caste structures, or ostracizing them, before they are able to deal with it. Otherwise society will continue to suffer more incidents like the Elliot Rodgers tragedy. Reporters are urged to expand on the story. 

RPISHEETNEWS.COM uses novel technology to consolidate story components, from around the world, into a deep overview of a topic.
You can see the story at THIS LINK  or on the VIDEO story page at