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LIGHTING RELEASES 05/28/14 — Majestic Greeting Card Company, Inc. has agreed to make Printing Done Right their printing division. That means that the company known as Printing Done Right will be solely responsible for printing the greeting cards that are created and designed by Majestic Greeting Cards Company, Inc. This partnership will be a good asset to both companies located in Delray Beach, FL.

Majestic Greeting Card Company, Inc. designs and prints wholesale greeting cards for all occasions. From birthday cards to foreign language cards to congratulation cards and more, Majestic Greeting Card Company, Inc. has been maximizing the sales of retail stores around the United States that sells greeting cards. They are trying to reach all demographics.

One of the best features about Majestic Greeting Card Company, Inc. is the fact that they manufacture all of their greeting cards in America. Many of their competitors choose to produce their products outside of the USA and import them. Majestic Greeting Card Company, Inc. understands the value of the American worker and American made products. They have greeting that come in different colors, sizes, and messages and they are all made in the USA.

About Majestic Greeting Card Company, Inc.:

Majestic Greeting Card Company, Inc. was founded in 1938 on the belief that greeting cards should be special, creative, and touching. 75 years later, while many of their competitors gave up, they have still been in business with more energy than ever. They can create all sorts of greeting cards: birthday cards, cards for special occasions, religious cards, humorous cards, greeting cards in Spanish or French, personalized stationery line, and much more. For more information on Majestic Greeting Card Company, Inc., call (561) 588-8833 or visit