Hand Book

In the 20th Century we asked “What’s your sun sign?”

In the 21st Century we’ll soon ask, “May I see your hands?”

LIGHTNING RELEASES (5/28/2014) – It’s time for the ancient science and art of palmistry to be reborn; initiating compelling new opportunities for people to interact and get to know themselves and others better. “‘Real Palmistry’ is a must read for anyone who’s curious about what their hands reveal about who they really are.” Mark Seltman, author of ‘Real Palmistry’ (e-book), shifts the paradigm of palmistry as a fortune-telling scam to seeing hands as a valuable tool to knowing oneself and others.  

“Priceless insight is waiting to be discovered at the ends of our arms” says Mark, who has been featured in New York Times, The View, CBS Evening News, New York Magazine, Family Circle, and has recently been named one of The 100 Top Psychics and Astrologers in America 2014.

In our complex world, the value of reading hands is in being able to readily and easily identify basic character and motivation. “One of the most amazing things about our hands is that hands change as a person’s thinking and circumstances change.”  A tiny change in the direction or quality of a line can symbolize a huge change in a life.  As we make decisions and take action, can see our successes and failures reflected in the mirrors of our hands over time.

Palmistry is simple and fun. You don’t have to be an expert palmist to see relationship, career, and health potentials in your hands. Self-knowledge and understanding is easily obtained through a visual and tactile examination of hands. Mark motivates readers to examine their hands and shows them how they can see their character in action. He describes how the size, shape, and proportions of hands reveal four basic archetypes: Intuitive, PracticalThinking, and Feeling; how texture, color, elasticity and consistency of skin explain how we initiate, maintain, and adapt to new ideas and circumstances. The attributes of individual fingers, shapes of fingertips, and qualities of nails reflect our career, health, and relationship potentials. Our lines and gestures reveal more detailed information about our life choices and circumstances.

You can ask your hands:

  • What do I value?
  • What do I want?
  • What do I think?
  • What’s my purpose?
  • How can I improve my relationships?
  • How can I be happier and healthier?

Our hands are topographical maps of our character. As we study our hands and identify our strengths and weaknesses, we can alter our thinking, exercise our free will, and transform our negative thought patterns into positive behavioral patterns. 

Mark Seltman has read tens of thousands of sets of hands. He’s been featured on Martha Stewart LivingQueens, FOX Good Day NY, WNYC Radio, NY Newsday, Daily News, Village Voice, Time Out New York, Modern BrideINSTYLE, and many other publications.  

Here is an excerpt from one of Mark’s favorite Real Palmistry e-book reviews on Amazon.com.

I’ve read more than a few palmistry books and this is something else. It does teach palm reading, but differently from any other book I’ve read. This book is about concepts like will power, creativity, health and perception. Sure he talks about the mounts and lines and fingers, but he presents it in an interesting and unique way. Mark tells stories and anecdotes about his life as a palm reader (and his life) and dispenses his philosophy. There are many pictures that illustrate his points and he includes web links as further reference. There is much to be learned in this unique book and I think the format will help the reader learn and understand it faster and longer.

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