LIGHTNING RELEASES 06/25/14 –Lyme Disease is not often thought of as an immune disorder, but while it starts out as a bacterial infection from the bite of a tick, the disease can progress to adversely affect the immune system in a dramatic way.

Lyme Disease is a potentially serious bacterial infection, transmitted through the bite of certain species of ticks. The disease affects humans and a wide range of animals including pets and livestock. Lyme Disease manifests itself in many ways and if left untreated may progress through several stages. The disease is difficult to diagnose clinically because early symptoms mimic the flu  (i.e., fatigue, headache, stiffness or pain in neck, mulches or joints, fever, or swollen glands). The most definitive early symptom is a gradual expanding circular or oval-shaped red rash, however this rash only develops in about 70% of infected individuals and may cause the disease to be overlooked if no rash appears.

In theory, Lyme Disease can be treated successfully in these early days with antibiotics. As the disease progresses, it becomes more difficult to manage. Later symptoms of infection may include heart and neurological disorders, and arthritis. Lyme Disease can affect the nervous system, causing symptoms such as stiff neck and severe headache (meningitis), temporary paralysis of facial muscles (Bell’s Palsy), numbness, pain or weakness in the limbs, or poor condition.

The immune issue start to come into play when the patient has been subjected to the antibiotic treatment program. While Lyme Disease is treated with antibiotics, unfortunately the treatment program can take anywhere from 6 months to 3 years of high levels of antibiotics, and this results in an enormous load on the immune system, progressing to what is known as Chronic Lyme Disease, where the immune system breaks down and then chronic long term pain in the joints and muscles become commonplace.

Fortunately a cutting edge breakthrough in Immune Development, pioneered in Australia in 2010, has been made available to suffered of Chronic Lyme Disease. Now becoming more popular as a treatment program in the USA, the product known as Immune Booster IM, activates your body’s own dormant stem cells, waking them up and restoring your Immune System to full health. The resulting effect is the removal of pain in the joints and muscles and an overall benefit of feeling healthy. According to an advocate of the product, Dr Richard Teague, “with nil side effects and a 90% success rate of cure this is certainly a product worth exploring”. It is an injectable products it requires administration by your doctor or a registered nurse, but the results are certainly worth the effort, with most patients describing the treatment as ‘life changing’

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