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Surrey BC.

Gary Dhaliwal

Surrey Memorial Hospital Foundation raised over $ 65 million in the last 5 Years for Surrey Memorial Hospital and the Jim Pattison Outpatient Centre through the kind generosity of caring individuals and corporations. There is deep concerns over the nomination of South Asian Broadcasting Corporation, CKYE- RED FM 93.1, president Kulwinder Sanghera. Indo-Canadians were the pillars in raising millions, through Radio Thons, individual and business corporations. CKYE RED FM 93.1 had many Radio Thons, where individuals would call in give their commitments, via credit cards and checks, including cash for the “Guru Nanak”, entrance Hall, which was inaugurated with much fan fare. Indo-Canadians felt proud for their contributions, until it came to light that Kulwinder Sanghera had a back door arrangement with SMF, befooling the community and SMF Directors, on such donors with huge amounts. Sanghera sabotaged the entire efforts of the Indo-Canadians donations, when he landed to become the Vice Chair of Surrey Memorial Foundation.

Mayoral Candidate Vikram Bajwa has written to BC Health Minister Hon’ble Terry Lake to order an investigation, on the Radio Thon, for Surrey Memorial Foundation, its total collections in Millions, especially in Cash and the SMF By-laws in nominating Kulwinder Sanghera to SMF Board. AMC Insurance ceo Jaswinder Parmar and his employees donated over $ 100,000, directly to SMF, among other notable donors. Surjit Singh one of the donors, who has some inside information on Sanghera, calls him” to resign as Vice Chair of SMF, with immediate effect and save himself or face the investigation”, by B.C. Health Minister. It is purported that a secret deal was completed by SMF and South Asian Broadcasting Corporation, which the public has the right to know, now since the hospital is nearly on completion.