LIGHTNING RELEASES 07/11/14 –Australians know about the sun, now after 25 years in development by Healthronics Sunsafe Pty Ltd, U-B-Safe is being launched in the UK with the assistance of Copernicus International Consulting, and will soon be available to purchase online and via approved UK distributors. U-B-Safe uses solar powered technology to help people avoid overexposure to the sun and potential skin damage caused by Ultraviolet (UV) Rays, it’s the only miniaturised wearable device in the world that is designed to protect your skin from the damage the sun can cause and which may not become apparent for up to 30 years when Melanomas, Carcinomas and premature ageing become apparent.

U-B-Safe alarms when skin, whether unprotected or where the protection from sunscreen has worn off or patches of skin have been missed, reaches the wearer’s individual threshold and becomes vulnerable to harmful UV rays. Correct use of this breakthrough alarm system can help wearers avoid premature ageing of the skin caused by sun damage, as well as allowing them to get their daily dose of Vitamin D which is essential for maintaining optimum health levels.

According to Cancer Research UK, malignant melanoma was the 5th most common cause of cancer in the UK in 2011, highlighting the need for U-B-Safe monitors in the UK.

What is U-B-Safe?

The development of U-B-Safe was the result of a rare collaboration between a team of dermatologists and electronic engineers to produce a wearable alarm that, unlike sunscreen, takes into account the wearer’s individual skin type. The product is compact, water resistant, and easy to wear. Earpieces are available for those with impaired hearing and an industrial model is available and designed to be attached to hard hats for use on building sites.

Tony Pearson, Managing Director of Healthtronics Sunsafe, commented “It made sense to launch and test the U-B-Safe products in Australia before launching in other parts of the world because of the climate. However, with cases of skin cancer and Vitamin D deficiency becoming more common in the UK, we felt that it was time to offer another method to support sunscreen which, although effective and essential to wear, isn’t a fool proof way to avoid skin damage and over exposure to the sun.”

Tony went on to say, “U-B-Safe is able to be set to  the specific skin type of each individual user and operates according to different UV conditions. A tune plays when the UV dose for your particular skin is reached, letting you know that it’s time to apply sunscreen or get out of the sun.”

U-B-Safe has already received a number of high profile awards, including The Australian Design Award, The New Inventors Award, and The People’s Choice Award.

Managing sun exposure

Sunscreen is the most common way to prevent damage from UV Rays, however, when wearing sunscreen you can often overestimate its effectiveness over time, people frequently don’t reapply sunscreen often enough and so their skin becomes exposed. Sunscreen also prevents the production of Vitamin D which can be detrimental to our health.

Professor Rebecca S Mason, Head of Physiology and Deputy Director of the Bosh Institute for Medical Research, University of Sydney, commented, “Vitamin D is important for optimal bone and muscle function and may protect against a range of diseases. A device that helps people maintain a balance between too little and too much sun exposure is likely to be very useful.”

U-B-Safe allows its wearer to take advantage of the natural Vitamin D that is produced when out in the sun but provides a warning system when the optimum levels are reached. If the wearer heeds the warning and gets out of the sun, the likelihood of suffering from the health problems caused by sun exposure are greatly reduced.

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