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LIGHTNING RELEASES (7/14/2014) – This retired auto shop teacher is giving away ‘free’ a lifetime of information in two booklets.The booklet ‘ Save $ thousands $ on Cars’ tells how to buy new cars for 3 to $4,000 less than what the dealer wants. It has chapters on buying used cars, getting better gas mileage, hybrid and all electric cars, fix it before it breaks, and how to pass smog tests.

The next booklet developed as this 75 year old guy started evaluated his life and questions flooded his mind as he read  in the Bible Genesis 1 and 2. He thought ‘what is the other side of this story’. He started to write questions and stopped at 94 questions. One of the questions ‘If Eve has said NO’ is the title of this booklet. On the colorful front cover are questions like; where was the beginning of mankind, how many get back to God, is there a hell, were there two Eves, how many heavens are there and will all come back to life. The chapters include:  ;this life —beginning to the end, dufus untrue ideas put upon God, and where do we go when we die.   These booklets will be auto sent as an ebook FOR FREE by going to the web site   and putting your name and email. 

The author has a great desire to help many people in their trip through life, to give them understanding about what life is all about, and what happens after death.