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A new helpline in Clemmons, NC is offering valuable information and guidance to teens struggling with drug and alcohol abuse.

LIGHTNING RELEASES 07/31/14 — For plenty of years, teenage drug and alcohol abuse has been a major substance abuse in Clemmons, NC and throughout the state. If your teen is struggling with addiction, there’s a very good chance you are not alone. Plenty of troubled teens in Clemmons are just as likely to fall victim to drinking and drug use as anyone else across the country. But finding professional youth rehab is not always easy. Fortunately a new local helpline has been created to provide troubled teens in Ruffin find the right teen treatment center they need to achieve a sober and bright future.

By contacting the helpline at (336) 728-6050, parents and their teens can speak to a certified addiction professional about their problems and learn which teen recovery facilities provide the best opportunity sobriety. When a juvenile receives help from a professional teen recovery facilities, they are placed in the best position to improve their overall health and wellness. Living life with a drug or alcohol dependency can cripple a teen’s ability to develop physically and mentally. Don’t spend another minute letting drugs and alcohol ruin your life. Teens and their parents should contact the helpline now and start turning things around.

About the troubled teen helpline:

By contacting (386)269-7634, parents and teens in Clemmons, NC can find the right teen recovery facilities they need to achieve and maintain a sober lifestyle. A certified teen treatment center can make the difference between addiction and sobriety. Contact today to learn how youth rehab can help you teen. Visit for more information.