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A new helpline for juvenile substance abusers in Bailey, NC is offering options for recovery help.

LIGHTNING RELEASES 07/31/14 — The next time you find you or a juveniles you known in need of recovery help, where are you going to turn? There were not many options for troubled teens in Bailey, NC until a new helpline was established specifically for helping juveniles locate a drug and alcohol treatment facility which offers at chance at sobriety.

The troubled teen helpline can be reached at (252) 419-4122 any time day or night and any young person who needs help is urged to give the helpline a contact as soon as they get a chance. Finding a real recovery facility is crucially important for any young person who wants to beat addiction once and for all. The helpline is the perfect resource because it offers sound advice and guidance for locating the best youth recovery center for your situation.

Teenagers can start experimenting with drugs and alcohol for a number of different reasons but once substance abuse takes hold, sobriety can be tough to obtain. The best thing for any adolescent who needs help is to pick up the phone and find a recovery center as soon as possible. Waiting to end addiction is pointless so start now with help from a troubled teen recovery helpline.

About the troubled teen helpline:

By contacting the troubled teen helpline at (252) 419-4122, a teenager can take the necessary steps they need to in order to end a significant addiction issue once and for all. Any adolescent in Bailey, NC who thinks that their drinking or drug use has gotten out of hand should contact the helpline immediately and turn their life around. Visit for more information.