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LIGHTNING RELEASES — WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (Aug. 11, 2014) – Charter Schools USA (CSUSA) hosted a regional summit for all Palm Beach and Port Saint Lucie based-schools on Monday, Aug. 11, 2014. More than 550 teachers, administrators and school leaders attended. Each year, CSUSA hosts meetings with employees focusing on professional annual goal setting. This year, nine separate events are taking place in each region of the CSUSA network including West Palm Beach. 

“Days like today better prepare our teachers for the upcoming school year and set a clear vision for the 2014-15 academic focus,” said Jon Hage, CEO of Charter Schools USA.”

Frank Biden, brother of Vice President Joe Biden and CEO of Mavericks Charter School addressed the group. Mavericks Charter High Schools are multi-campus tuition free public charter schools within urban and diverse communities, located throughout Florida. 

Schools that attended the summit in West Palm Beach included Renaissance Charter School at St. Lucie, Summit, Tradition and West Palm Beach. In addition, team members from three new schools managed by CSUSA attended the summit from Renaissance Charter School at Central Palm, Cypress and Wellington.

Charter Schools USA also took the opportunity to recognize many of their new and veteran educators.

Each school nominated a New America Hero which is an organization wide award honoring CSUSA’s top educator. The New American Hero nominees include: Melany Kerrigan (St. Lucie), Sharon Nether (Summit), Irene Morgan (Tradition), and Angela Tomassi (West Palm Beach).

In addition, each school nominated one teacher as a New Educator of the Year. Those honorees included: Allison Perry (St. Lucie), Matthew Liernan (Summit), Amanda Andres (Tradition), and Katie Raich (West Palm Beach).

About Charter Schools USA 

Charter Schools USA is the first education management company to receive district accreditation through AdvancED and is one of the nation’s leading charter school management companies. Founded by its CEO Jonathan Hage in 1997, CSUSA will manage 70 schools in seven states serving more than 60,000 students in Kindergarten through 12th grade during the 2014-2015 school year. Its educational advantages include integrated technology, parental involvement contracts, personal learning plans, student uniforms, enforced discipline policies, highly qualified and motivated staff, community focus and high academic performance.