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LIGHTNING RELEASES 08/19/14 – Sales of the most advanced spectrometers for MRI scanners have now reached 300 units being sold annually world-wide, for UK based MRI preclinical technology company, MR Solutions.

MR Solutions is the world’s independent market leader for the development and supply of MRI spectrometers for use by other manufacturers of MRI systems and for existing equipment holders who want to upgrade their MRI technology.

The eighth generation EVO spectrometer range incorporates the latest digital technology and is acknowledged to have the widest range of features and capabilities of any spectrometer in the industry. Fitted as an upgrade solution to existing technology this will provide enhanced imaging visualisation for end users.

Installation is usually undertaken within a day and the majority of sales are for systems within the clinical sector plus some university research groups. Indeed, the spectrometers are widely used by other manufacturers within their own branded MRI technology. The largest market for this product is China where MR Solutions is the market leader supplying all the top MRI vendors with little competition from other suppliers.

MR Solutions’ Chief Executive, Dr David Taylor, said: “We are very pleased how sales are progressing and are looking forward to a continued sales growth. Our strategy is to lead the market in terms of research and innovation so that we supply products which are ahead of competing players.”