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Vancouver BC. British Columbia Teachers Federation, President Jim Iker rejected BC Premier Christy Clarks, demands to end the Teachers Strike, terming it an issue, which has been distorted by Premier Clark. The ongoing negotiations have been repeated delayed by Education Minister Peter Fassbender, representing Fleetwood-Surrey. During a recent poll 78% residents of Fleetwood-Surrey are upset with Fassbender, ob handling the negotiations and settlement with BCTF. Majority of them are convinced that the Premier is playing “dirty politics”, with Education and Students in BC.

BC Peoples Party in their executive meeting held in Surrey on September 3rd, with Students support BCTF President Jim Iker in fighting for the Teachers Union of British Columbia. BCPP President Vikram Bajwa feels “the Premier is so engulfed with dreams of LNG, that she has forgotten the Children in BC”. Indo-Canadian Students represented by Deepinder Sandhu, praised her teachers and urged all parents to stand by BCTF, in their battle against BC Premier.
Indo-Canadian Retired Teacher Sukhjit Kaur, emphasized the importance of a “Teacher”, in India, where they are compared as “High Priests”, not as mere paid teachers, which results in good education and discipline.