With the holiday season just around the corner, Parker and Sons, one of Arizona’s most well  respected and long-standing HVAC, electrical, and plumbing service providers, are offering  local residents tips on how to prepare for the upcoming months.

Parker and Sons representative Josh Kelly, as well as other professionals, have offered up  some simple, major tips that you can do in order to save yourself money, while simultaneously  keeping yourself safe and warm this season:

“Keeping your thermostat set to lower temperature, anywhere between 68-72 degrees, can  save you a lot of money in the winter,” said Kelly. He continued to comment on the fact that heating your entire home can become very expensive, especially for those who like to keep their homes warm. Likewise, Kelly advises that if you’re going to set your thermostat to a high temperature, to make sure that you’re only setting it on the thermostat downstairs because hot air will rise to the second floor.

While this advice only applies to those who live in two-story homes, you can still keep the temperature on a lower setting if you’ll be having multiple guests in your home. In effect, the more bodies that are present in one room, the warmer the overall temperature will be in that room.

Kelly and his colleagues also suggest keeping your blinds and shutters open during the daytime, and being sure to close them once the sun sets. “Natural sunlight is one of the easiest ways to heat your home, and luckily, it doesn’t cost a penny!” said Kelly. This is beneficial advice for anyone living in Phoenix, as we receive more natural sunlight in the winter than people living in most other states in the country. But even if you take heed of this advice, you still might be feeling cold due to a draft in your home. To remedy this issue, one of his colleagues went further to say that “locking your front door, back door, and even your windows helps to keep cold air from getting into your house.”

Parker and Sons have been serving the valley for over forty years, and has received praise-worthy reviews from their customers time and time again. For any and all of your HVAC, electrical, and plumbing needs, Parker and Sons will provide you with top quality service at an affordable price.  

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