Peer-to-Peer Lending

post thumbnail Named to Next Big Thing List by Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Street Journal named peer-to-peer lending company as one of fifty companies on its “The Next Big Thing List.” has received several rounds of venture capital funding and has setup more than $220 million in loans between borrowers and lenders on its peer to peer lending marketplace. Here’s the press release:, […]
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Peer to Peer Lending Increasingly Used by Consumers to Consolidate Debt

If you have a lot of miscellaneous credit card debt floating around, chances are you’re paying interest rates between 15% and 30%, making it very difficult to ever get out of debt. With the recent passage of the Credit CARD act, banks have raised interest rates on credit cards to make up for lost revenue […]
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Borrowers Increasingly Turn to Debt Consolidation Loans from Peer to Peer Lenders

During the height of the housing boom, borrowers had no problem taking out home equity loans to consolidate their debt. The value of homes was rising and homeowners found themselves with additional equity that could be borrowed against. Although those days have passed and many are finding themselves underwater on their homes, it’s still possible […]
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Lending Club and Now Offer Online Unsecured Loans

Although the online lending community has been characterized by the same types of firms that offer high-interest payday loans, two companies hope to reduce the interest that you would normally pay to a bank for an unsecured loan. Both and Lending Club are offering loans that are capitalized by individual investors, rather than by […]
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PerkStreet Wins Offerpop Social Media Contest

PerkStreet Financial, a company which offers a checking account that provides a 2% cash back rebate on debit card purchases, recently won a community-based social media contest for marketing and advertising agencies that was put on by OfferPop, a social media marketing software firm. Here’s the press release: Offerpop (, an innovative social media marketing […]
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Lending Club Uses Social Media to Connect with Borrowers

Most of the major banks and other financial institutions haven’t made use of social media in any major way, but Lending Club, a California-based lending company, has made use of social media to promote and popularize its peer to peer lending platform. Lending Club Senior Director of Product Strategy, Rob Garcia, recently told Bank Systems […]
post thumbnail and Lending Club Offering Peer-to-Peer Loans for Major Purchases

With unemployment floating between 9% and 10% and increasingly tight credit standards, banks remain very particular about who they will lend money to. As a result, many individuals looking to make major purchases have found themselves unable to get a personal loan, despite having reasonably good credit. Two California-based lending companies, and Lending Club, […]
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Peer to Peer Lending Company Turns Five Years Old, a company which operates a peer to peer lending marketplace, turned five years old last month. Its half-decade history has been characterized by a number of ups and downs, including an initial excitement from investors on the site, a period of heartache when the SEC took over regulatory oversight of the peer to peer […]
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Peer to Peer Lending Companies: How They Work

Lending Club, Prosper Loans and a few other smaller companies have launched a niche lending industry during the last-half decade known as peer to peer lending. These companies have setup marketplaces in which borrowers on their sites can make loans to one another, eliminating banks from the lending process. Typically peer to peer lending companies […]
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Lending Club Offering Bonuses on Peer to Peer Lending Investments

Lending Club, a service that allows members to make loans to one another, is becoming an increasingly popular platform for individuals looking to make alternative investments. The  company is part of an industry known as peer to peer lending and offers the ability for investors to create their own collateralized debt obligations. Both Lending Club […]
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Getting Involved in the Peer to Peer Lending Industry

Banks have made money off of their customers for the last two years by taking money from savers at low interest rates and lending the money out at higher interest rates on mortgages, credit cards and other debt. Many savers and investors are now trying to side-step banks and make loans directly out to other […]
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Lending Club Review: What You Need to Know About Lending Club in 2014

Although the Federal Reserve has made borrowing incredibly cheap, lending companies are still hesitant to make many types of loans, including unsecured personal loans to individual borrowers and loans to small businesses. Many banks have tightened their lending criteria so that only a small fraction of borrowers can actually get loans. Fortunately for borrowers and […]
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Peer to Peer Lending Becomes Increasingly Popular

The recession has been over for more than 18 months, yet unemployment remains stubbornly high and those that wish to borrower are still largely having trouble borrowing money at descent interest rates. Those that might own a small business or want to take out money on ac consumer loan will probably find themselves disappointed when […]
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Lending Club Increases Maximum Loan Size

Lending Club, a peer-to-peer lending company based out of California, announced today that the maximum loan size that borrowers could take out has increased from $25,000 to $35,000. Here’s the press release: Redwood City, CA – Feb. 15, 2011 – Lending Club (, the world’s leading platform for investing in and obtaining personal loans, today […]
post thumbnail Review 2011: A Revamped Peer to Peer Lending Company

The peer to peer lending industry is now close to five years old. Both Lending Club and made it past severe growing pains in 2008 when the SEC forced the two companies to register their loans to comply with the Securities act. Both companies are now accelerating the amount of loans they are providing […]
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