Third Party Warranty Companies Target Apple iPad Users (NASDAQ: AAPL)

If we have learned anything from BlendTec during the last six months, it’s that the iPad is not indestructible. Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) and other third party warranty companies are well aware of this and have begun offering various types of coverage to insure one’s iPad.

SquareTrade, an independent warranty company, has begun selling an alternative insurance offering to compete with Apple’s “Apple Care” product as a way to insure one’s iPad against accidental damage.

Apple sells their “Apple Care” package on any new iPad which extends the warranty on the device from one year to two full years for $99.00. Apple says on its website that purchasing Apple Care will allow you to get “repair coverage for your iPad, iPad battery, and included USB cable and power adaptor” and that with the service you can “Enjoy direct access to Apple experts for questions related to the operating system, Apple-branded iPad applications, syncing with iTunes, and connection to wireless networks.”

One drawback of the Apple Care service is that it does not cover damage from accidental drops and spills. The company’s customer service has been known to check sensors on the device for water damage and has denied claims for devices that have had water damage.

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