Apple (AAPL) Sets Guinness Records

The 2011 Guinness Book of World Records Gaming Edition has confirmed what most gamers already know- Apple is a serious contender in the world of gaming. As stated recently on Apple Insider, “Apple’s success with the iPhone 4 and the App Store has earned the company several impressive records in the 2011 Gamer’s Edition of the Guinness Book of World Records”.

Gaz Deaves, Guinness’ gaming editor has stated, “The release of the iPhone has not just changed the mobile industry but the video game world too.” With new records being set in the gaming world as well as other mobile technology, Apple remains on the top of the list of “safe” investments.

As stated in the Apple Investing Blog, “Apple stock continues to be one of the best and safest investments you can make. With a current price of as much as $150 below where most Wall Street analysts specializing in the company expect it to close at year end (that’s about a 43% current discount), now is a great time to buy or increase your holdings in the company. iPhone sales are growing more than 100% a year, and recent statistics show that even older used models of the iPhone outsell new competing models of Android phones. At the same time the iPad remains the most sought after and revolutionary product on the globe.”

Apple set the Fastest Selling Portable Gaming System by selling an estimated 1.5 million iPhone unites on the first day available. This clearly beats other competitors such as Sony and Nintendo by over one million units on the first day. In 2005 the PlayStation portable was launched by Sony and sold 200,000 on the first day. The Nintendo DS which was launched in 2004 sold 500,000 units in the first week.

Today gamers have the option to download and play games anywhere with the iPhone. The release of this intuitive mobile device has changed the way people are gaming, allowing users to play on the go without restrictions. The App Store is credited with many of the records being set by offering users the option to download games, many of which are so popular they exceed previous records of most downloaded games in a single day.

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