Komodo Trading Down 11.7% Over Last 7 Days (KMD)

Komodo (CURRENCY:KMD) traded 8.9% lower against the dollar during the 24 hour period ending at 17:00 PM E.T. on March 14th. One Komodo coin can currently be purchased for $3.14 or 0.00038749 BTC on popular cryptocurrency exchanges including CoinExchange, Cryptox, Cryptopia and Bittrex. During the last week, Komodo has traded 11.7% lower against the dollar. Komodo has a market capitalization of $326.37 million and $1.76 million worth of Komodo was traded on exchanges in the last 24 hours.

Here is how other cryptocurrencies have performed during the last 24 hours:

  • Bitcoin Gold (BTG) traded 13.6% lower against the dollar and now trades at $68.04 or 0.00840348 BTC.
  • Zcash (ZEC) traded down 11.8% against the dollar and now trades at $249.83 or 0.03085450 BTC.
  • ZenCash (ZEN) traded 19.7% lower against the dollar and now trades at $17.81 or 0.00219936 BTC.
  • ZClassic (ZCL) traded 4.6% lower against the dollar and now trades at $7.16 or 0.00088457 BTC.
  • Hush (HUSH) traded down 11.1% against the dollar and now trades at $1.44 or 0.00017798 BTC.
  • Zero (ZER) traded 11.5% lower against the dollar and now trades at $0.86 or 0.00010670 BTC.
  • Bitcoin Private (BTCP) traded 9.7% lower against the dollar and now trades at $41.21 or 0.00508913 BTC.

About Komodo

Komodo (KMD) is a dPoW/PoW coin that uses the Equihash hashing algorithm. It was first traded on September 1st, 2016. Komodo’s total supply is 104,024,850 coins. Komodo’s official website is komodoplatform.com. Komodo’s official Twitter account is @komodoplatform and its Facebook page is accessible here. The Reddit community for Komodo is /r/komodoplatform and the currency’s Github account can be viewed here. The official message board for Komodo is blog.komodoplatform.com.

According to CryptoCompare, “Komodo is a privacy-centric cryptocurrency that combines the anonymity of ZCash with the security of Bitcoin. Using a new consensus mechanism developed by the Komodo team, delayed Proof of Work, Komodo blocks can be notarized using the Bitcoin blockchain. KMD is issued through an Equihash-based PoW¬†protocol, and the new block information is sent to pre-voted notary nodes. These nodes insert the Komodo block information on the BTC blockchain by creating a custom transaction. This system ensures that in order to “hack” komodo, one would have to rewrite both chains.Komodo uses Zero Knowledge Proofs to provide 100% anonymous transactions, that are now secured with Bitcoin's hash rate. “

Komodo Coin Trading

Komodo can be bought or sold on these cryptocurrency exchanges: Cryptopia, HitBTC, BarterDEX, Cryptox, Binance, Bittrex, Upbit and CoinExchange. It is not presently possible to buy Komodo directly using US dollars. Investors seeking to trade Komodo must first buy Ethereum or Bitcoin using an exchange that deals in US dollars such as Coinbase, Gemini or GDAX. Investors can then use their newly-acquired Ethereum or Bitcoin to buy Komodo using one of the aforementioned exchanges.

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