Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC) Offers Customers Fraud Prevention Tips For The Holidays

Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC) produced a press release last week offering its customers safety tips to help avoid being defrauded during the holiday shopping season.  The advice is for both online shopping, along with transactions done in person.

The bank suggests reviewing your account regularly, especially during stretches that involve big purchases.  One way to do that is by enrolling in mobile banking in order to check balances and view transactions readily.

Wells Fargo also offers a transaction alert service for both its debit and credit cards, which allows a customer to set a dollar threshold on purchases and be automatically notified of any transactions exceeded that amount.

The bank also suggests customers’ be aware of their surroundings when entering pin numbers on key pads, and to limit repeating sensitive information when it can be overheard.

“We want to remind shoppers that there are ways to protect themselves,” said Lisa H. Robinson, senior vice president for Wells Fargo Internet Services Group, in the release. “Traditionally, the day after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest shopping days of the year and marks the kick-off of the holiday season.”

The bank also reminded customers that its cards are protected by the WellsProtect® program, which provides cardholders with zero liability for promptly reported incidents of their card being used without permission.

As for online transactions, Wells Fargo suggests customers has the most up to date virus prevention and to not download any attachment that isn’t from an authorized site.

Also, the bank said when making purchases, be sure the website address starts with “https://…” The “s” helps ensure that your information is being passed along on a secure site.

Wells Fargo’s Fraud Information Center, which can be located on the banks website, provides prevention tips for all shoppers to learn about fraud and take precautions during the holiday season.

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