Protestors in St. Louis Demand Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) Halt Foreclosure Proceedings

Sixty protestors kicked off what they called five days of anti-corporate power protest on Wednesday in St. Louis, starting by staging a demonstration in a Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) building at 8th and Market in downtown St. Louis, according to a report from Common Dreams.

Protesters pitched a tent in the bank’s lobby, sang songs and repeated chants.

They also asked a meeting with an official at the bank, hoping to demand that Bank of America halt foreclosures on distressed homeowners.

After about a half-hour inside, the protest moved to the sidewalk outside the building, but no one from the bank met with the protestors.

After a few hours, about thirty demonstrators setup a small tent city in the middle of the City Garden for the night.

The groups who sponsored the demonstration include “The People’s Settlement” and “Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE)”

The two organizations are promising nine more demonstration over the next five days in the city.