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People who like to keep up with the latest trends in the financial industry, business and politics are the target readers of the Financial Times newspaper.  The Financial Times was founded by James Sheridan and Horatio Bottomley in 1888.  It provides global financial news six days a week to subscribers, specializing in the UK and international business and financial news markets.  In the United Kingdom, the Financial Times newspaper is the only paper that provides full daily reports on both the world markets and London Stock Exchange through a newspaper that is hand delivered in 25 markets.  Subscribers outside of the hand delivery area can receive their newspaper copies via mail service for typical delivery charges.

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The Financial Times is an international newspaper published in London, similar to the Wall Street Journal of New York City.  There are currently more than 2.1 million readers worldwide, with a global circulation of 381,658.  The newspaper has both digital subscribers (224,000) and paying site users (605,000).

Topics Covered in the Financial Times

The Financial Times typically consists of two sections.  In the first section of the paper, there are articles nad information regarding national and interational news topics while the second section features companies and market news.  There are 475 journalists working for the paper, with about 110 of them living outside of the United Kingdom.

Six days a week, the Financial Times delivers quality articles about the state of the global financial market, as well as the state of  US politics and business affairs.  Annually, the Financial Times releases more than 200 special reports for key industries, trends and countries.

The paper advocates free markets and globalization.In the weekend edition of the Financial Times, you’ll receive the “How to Spend it” magazine with articles regarding the travel industry, fashion, automobiles, yachts, apartments, mansions, gardening, hotels and food.  There is a related website for the publication, at  Also in the weekend edition is the FT Magazine, from which elements are incorporated in the main newspaper for the USA weekend edition of the Financial Times.

On the back p age of the first section in the daily Financial Times, you’ll find the Lex Column.  This column features analysis of opinions regarding global businesses and financial topics.

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