How to Use GoToMyPC

Using GoToMyPC is a quick and easy way to access your computer from a remote location.  It doesn’t require a Virtual Private Network set up, or any expensive equipment to make it work, and you can access your host computer from any computer, laptop, iPad, or java-compatible mobile device with an internet connection.  There are plans to make an Android app for GoToMyPc, too.

How to Install GoToMyPC

You can get started by creating an account on  Then you download the software onto the computer you want to access from remote locations.  Once downloaded, double click to start the installation and it will do all the hard work for you.  You need to leave the computer on, the GoToMyPC software running, and keep internet access to the computer when you plan to access it remotely.

How to Access Your Computer From a Remote Location

Once the software is installed, accessing your computer is simple.  You can log into your account on, and your host computer’s screen will be displayed on the laptop, computer or mobile device you’re using to access it.  You can use any program you have on your computer through the remote connection, as well as view any files you’ve saved which eliminates the need to copy files from your computer to a flash drive or CD to take with you when you have to work from a different location.

There are a number of options you can use to customize the GotoMyPC service – if you’re worried about someone seeing what’s happening on the host computer’s monitor while you’re accessing it remotely, you can choose to make the screen blank.  You can also choose to send the sound from the host computer to the remote computer or turn sound off completely.  You can send files to print through the host computer, so they’re waiting for you when you get back.  You can also disable the keyboard and mouse of the host computer, so that no one can interfere with whatever you’re working on.

How Much Does Cost?

Remote access through is $9.95 a month for one user and one host computer.  For each additional computer you would like to access from a remote location, you can add about $10 per month, per computer.  There are multiple-user plans and larger company plans, too, with pricing quoted based on your situation.

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