GoToMyPC iPad App

Even though the iPad is unarguably great and portable – and can do almost everything a computer can do – it still is not a PC. Not all software has an iPad equivalent app available, which means you may not be able to do everything you can do from your main computer. If you travel a lot or just need a quick way to check on email or keep in touch on your favorite social media sites, the iPad is probably all you’ll need.  But for business travelers and others who keep important files on their PC – the GoToMyPC app for iPad will turn your tablet into your PC, basically, by giving you access to everything on your home or office computer.

The GoToMyPC iPad app lets users connect to their Mac or computer from their iPad, over a secure interent connection.  You can work on anything you would normally work on when using your regular computer, including data, network, applications, and access any files you have saved.

How to Use the GoToMyPC iPad App

Before you can use the app on the iPad, you will need to install GoToMyPC on your computer or laptop that you want to access.  There is a free trial that allows you to use GoToMyPC for 30 days at no cost to evaluate the program; after which you can pay a subscription fee to keep it active which starts at $10 per month per computer.

Once the GoToMyPC software is installed on the “host” computer, you use the unique access code they provide to make it work.  You run the program on your computer and then install the GoToMyPC app for the iPad on your iPad.  In fact, once you are connected, you will then view your computer desktop on your iPad!

You can use the touch screen of your iPad display to right-click and scroll through your tasks.  You have the option of both portrait and landscape viewing, but will probably find everything fits better when you use landscape mode.

More options allow you to specify how to handle sounds from the host computer, display, and security settings.  If someone could be watching your iPad movements on your main computer at home or in the office, you may want to make the host computer monitor blank and disable the keyboard so no one can interfere with what you are doing.

Instead of loading files on flash drives and CD or printing out files – you can just take your computer everywhere you go with the GoToMyPC app for the iPad.

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