GoToMyPC Review

GoToMyPC makes it possible to take your computer – and everything in it – everywhere you go.  If the thought of packing up your office computer to bring with you on a trip is enough to keep you home – then you’ll recognize the value of the GoToMyPC software.  After installing a small bit of software on your office or home computer; you can log in from any laptop or other computer with an internet connection.  Once logged in?  You can access every program, file, or network on your host computer as though you were sitting in front of your computer.  You see a real-time image of your computer’s screen from whatever mobile device or computer you are working from.

How to Use GoToMyPC

Unlike many types of remote computer access, GoToMyPC is extremely easy to set up and access.  Create an account on and download the software on the computer you need to access from a remote location.  Install the software and allow it to run on your computer.  Your computer must remain on and connected to the internet in order to access it from another location.

Go to your laptop, iPad or other computer that you will use to access your main computer.  Log into your account on the GoToMyPC website, find the computer you just installed the software on (you can connect to more than one computer if you want and if you install it on each one) and connect.

Your browser will launch a Java-based application which gives you the desktop of the computer you are connected to and gives you 100% control of everything as though you were sitting at your computer.

While accessing your computer remotely, you can choose to blank out the monitor or display so that if there are people in the room they will not see what you are doing.  You can also disable the host computer keyboard to make sure no one interferes with what you’re working on.

You have options for printing from your remote computer to your host computer printer.  You can choose to hear sounds from your remote computer or to turn them off.

Cost of GoToMyPC Services

The price of the service varies depending on how many computers you want to access remotely and how many users need access.  For one person to access their single computer you will pay $9.95 a month.  For each additional computer you need to access it’s about $10 per month more.

Compared to setting up a Virtual Private Network, GoToMyPC is an inexpensive and easy to use service that makes it possible to remotely access your computer.

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