The growing interest in the book soon to be released by Ron Paul named “End the Fed” is unprecedented in monetary history, and reveals the extraordinary times we live in where a chance to change the monetary policy in the United States in a way that cold benefit all of us.

What’s unique at this time is the near collapse of the banking system generated the desire and interest from people in how that could happen; that created the opportunity from those like Ron Paul who had spent their lives studying and fighting against what the Federal Reserve practices and represents.

Now what’s extraordinary about this is the Fed has enjoyed – for the most part – operating behind the scenes and in obscurity with almost no one having the name in their minds or talking about it. So when people talked about the folly and danger represented by the Federal Reserve, it fell on deaf ears, as it simply didn’t compute as to what it was and why we as American citizens should care.

That has probably changed forever now, as the practices of the Fed are starting to be grasped and understood by a growing number of people, and they can’t simply just slither back under their rock, even though they’re trying to do that at this moment by fighting off audits and other means of finding out what’s under their operational hood. They prefer to go back to the days where everyone forgets about who they are and what they do, so they can continue to go about their usual business.

So what’s happening now is the Federal Reserve is under intense scrutiny, and while the intensity will probably ebb and flow through the years, never again will be able to work entirely behind a closed curtain, and if Ron Paul and others have their way, will eventually be led to shutting down and never again be allowed to initiate its failed policies which lead us to an endless series of boom-and-bust periods from which we always have to struggle through.

So how immense are the times we’re living in in relationship to the Federal Reserve? If you’ve followed or researched the Federal Reserve and books having been written about them over the last 90 years, you’ll see that quite a few have said similar things as we’re hearing at this time, but now with Ron Paul we have a representative that actually knows what he’s talking about and has prepared his entire life for a time like this.

The result are over 280 lawmakers signing on to his H.R. 1207 bill to allow the auditing of the Federal Reserve, an unprecedented accomplishment in the history of the Fed.

Nobody could have ever predicted this type of thing would happen where a politician could write a book saying the Federal Reserve should be abolished and have it achieve what will most likely be ‘best seller’ status. End the Fed from Ron Paul is poised to do just that.

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