Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) Sets World Records

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) has made the news yet again. To the delight of Apple fans around the world the company is receiving lots of recognition for making it into the Guinness Book of World Records. Fans should be excited to know that they didn’t receive just one recognition, but several. Rewards went out for the iphone4, Apple’s app store as well as several iOS games.

Probably not surprising many, the world record book will now list Apple’s iphone 4 as the fastest selling portable gaming system having sold 1.5 million handsets on its release date back in June of 2010.

“The release of the iPhone has not just changed the mobile industry, but the video game world too,”Gaz Deaves, Guinness World Records’ gaming editor, said in a statement. “With the never-ending App Store selection and an intuitive device, Apple has created a gigantic new space for itself in the casual games genre that literally brings entertainment to users wherever they may be.”

Apple’s app store will also be listed in the book as the most popular app store with the store customers having downloaded a whopping 6.5 billion apps since the store first opened for business.

“With over 6.5 billion downloads since its launch in July 2008, the Apple App Store is the most popular downloadable app service in the world,” the world-record-tracking organization said.

Finally, several games got recognition as well. Including the ever popular Angry Birds which in many countries is the top selling app. The game has been able to entice fans to purchase 6.5 million downloads of the paid versions since the game first became available at the end of 2009.

Other app game awards went to Plants vs. Zombies which received an award for being the fastest selling strategy game. The Tap Tap series of apps also received recognition from Guinness for being the most popular game series downloaded.

Apple also received recognition from Guinness as having the largest number of video games to download in their store compared to any other. As of September of last year there were well over 37,000 games for customers to pick from.


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