Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F) Predicts 11.1 Million Vehicle Sales Annually in May

Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F) chief sales analyst said in a recent interview that he believes the U.S. auto industry’s annualized sales will hit 11.1 million in the month of May, which would be the third consecutive month above the 11 million mark.

The strongest month in recent history was March, when annual sales reached 11.7 million.

During the month of April, sales dropped to 11.5 million vehicles.

“A modest recovery is still in the works. The second half will likely be stronger than the first half, but not wildly stronger.” said analyst George Pipas to Auto News.

Pipas said that Ford’s sales would be helped by a year-over-year increase in light vehicle sales and that its May numbers will be improved with the help of the 2011 Super Duty pickup truck and the Fusion sedan.

“I think the Fusion will have another record sales month,” Pipas said.